Tuesday, December 16, 2008

busy busy busy bee

I finally wrapped up the Fata Obstant and Hurricane Kids projects and got them off to the printer. Now for the rest of the month and January I will be working on a new pitch with a great writer that we are very excited about, I have a couple commissions lined up and I agreed to do an 8-page short for my friend Brian at Microbrew Comics. I had a blast working on The Hurricane Kids book but towards the end there, it was getting a bit tedious. I did all the artwork including colors and lettering and it was just too much, it will be a while before I agree to color any more stuff. So now I am just excited to get back to drawing after about 3 weeks of coloring. I'll be doing alot of stuff in conjunction with the Phoenix Comic-Con next month including a few panels so I'll be sure to post about that when everything is locked in. Also, a redesign and proper site for www.super75comics.com is up, so check that out for previews of my two new books.

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David said...

Congratulations. Hurricane Kids and Fata Obstant both look awesome.