Friday, December 05, 2008


So every year my kids' school has a winter fair, where they help raise money by selling tickets to kids and their parents and then we proceed to use those tickets to play games, buy little gifts, eat, etc. It's a way of getting around just paying cash for all of it, which I'm sure falls into another tax bracket, and possibly into illegal gambling, but anyway...... tickets. So one of the rooms gets filled with the previously mentioned trinkets like pencils, stones, chalk and the like and they sell them for like a buck (sorry, ticket) a piece. This year, instead of just buying and donating something typical, I decided to make up a batch of original, winter-themed sketchcards. I forgot to scan them, so please forgive the crappy cellphone pictures.

Hopefully they don't all wind up in the trash.


David said...

Very cool. Those sketch cards look awesome.

Brian Meredith said...

I dig those, Ryan. Way to go!