Monday, December 29, 2008

Guess who's back?

I hope everyone had a great holiday, I've been dying to post a couple of commissions I did earlier this month but I wanted to wait until they had been delivered to the buyers. So I'm going to post this Sinestro/Guy Gardner, this one was a bit tricky as it was difficult to show both characters "head-on" and this was the second version, there was actually a fully penciled and partially inked version I scrapped.

And because I can't wait to post this, here is a Hulk I did. I love drawing pin-ups of the Hulk.
I hope you like it Reid, it's on it's way to you later this week.


Brian Meredith said...

I'm digging the Guy Gardner, Ryan. My favorite Green Lantern!

ryan cody said...

I've been reading alot of the Green Lantern and GLC trades from the library and I really love the mythos and military aspect of it all.

Benjamin Hall said...


That Hulk is pretty bad ass!