Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fata Obstant

Fata Obstant (roughly translated means; The Fates Oppose It) is a project I have been thinking about and messing around with for over 5 years. Originally, back in 2003 or so I actually animated a few webisodes and had them online but they are now lost in the internet black hole. I always knew it was something I would want to work on someday, it just never took priority. This year when I vowed to do 24-hour comic day I knew I wanted to do something fun and something that I could print and hold onto for years to come. After thinking of a few different ideas I decided I would finally make a comic based on the world of Lola Lilly and Fata Obstant. So, starting at noon on Saturday one afternoon in October, and finishing 24 hours later, I had done it. Afterwards I re-lettered the book and toned it digitally and sent it off to the printers. I'm very happy with how it all turned out and I'm looking forward to sharing it with people at the Phoenix Con next week.


Daniel Davis said...

Congratz Ryan, it looks really good with tone.

We'll have to do another 24 HR comic day again, together.

RAWLS said...

Looks sweet bro!!