Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's all re-cap

On Saturday morning I was a part of the "I have Issues" podcast (click on link to see me ramble on) where they interviewed me in anticipation of the upcoming Phoenix Comic-Con. We talked mostly about which is my self publishing label (calling it a company would be a stretch, so we'll stick with label for now). The Phoenix Comic-Con is very personal to me, originally I had issues with them, but we spoke about and settled our past disagreements and last year it was the best con I had ever done, it was both personally and professionally satisfying as well as financially satisfying. Let's not kid ourselves, I like meeting and chatting with everyone, but the money I make at one con will allow me to attend another one and let me continue to self-publish so it is as much a business as a way to meet and speak to a lot of cool fans and comic-lovers. Some of the things we touched on besides the con and super75comics (which I will be blogging about more next week), included the Sketchjam, Drink and Draws, Daniel Davis and Villains.

Villains was the book I drew and co-created for Viper Comics, it is still available by ordering through local comic shops, or directly at It was recently optioned by Universal for a major motion picture.

The Sketchjam is a wonderful conglomerate of insane talent all posting to a shared blog and kicking all types of ass in the process. I post there almost daily with new art.

The Drink and Draws are something I haven't scheduled in a while, but I'll get them started back up again in February and I will be contacting the appropriate people so we can back on track. I run the Arizona branch of the D&D's started by Dan Panosian, Jeff Johnson and Dave Johnson.

Daniel Davis is a wonderfully creative individual who is a great friend and does a beautiful web-comic called Monster Commute and knows more about being an independent cartoonist and artist than I ever will.

So if you haven't been to any of those sites, get clicking and check back later this week for more info on my appearance this weekend at Atomic Comics.


Naldoman said...

YO -- Count me in on that Drink 'n Draw dealeo....I don't drink, but I gotta get back to drawing more. I sloughed off half of last year...dreadful...

rory said...

Yeah, I will try to make it as well, it's been a while. Good to see you staying busy with all the projects. It gives a slacker like me some hope.

charlieclark said...

i liked the interview pretty cool, the way you can chug water!

Stephen Reid said...

See you at Cactuscon!

Dan C said...

Cool interview, Ryan. Wish I was still living back in Tucson, I'd definitely make a trip up to Phoenix for the Con. Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Best of luck on all your upcoming projects!