Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Project Updates

So I know I have not been posting a lot lately, sorry about that. For the first time this year I actually have projects lined up but still not everything can be talked about.

Short of a couple lettering issues, I just wrapped an 11-page short story that should be coming out in Image Comic's POPGUN Vol.4 anthology later this year. It features my Cara del Fantasma character that made a brief appearance in my Vol.3 story.

I also just finished a batch of ARCHIE sketch cards for March of Dimes. All the proceeds go the charity, I'll post more info when I know they will be up for sale.

I also am finishing up this years HERO Initiative/Marvel Comics sketch-cover. This year's book is Wolverine, so I will try and do it justice. I've also done a couple HERO sketch-cards that they will be randomly giving away for new membership sign-up. I've said it before and I'll say it again, HERO is a wonderful charity, I choose to donate my art to their cause since I can't usually afford to donate any money.

I'm also starting two new comic projects, the first is the return of Lola Lilly (from my 24 hour comic, Fata Obstant) in a short story for Mysterious Adventure Magazine #3, and a long form, graphic novel for a publisher that I can't really talk about yet. That's just starting but should take me through the first month or two of next year. I'm really excited about getting new stuff out there for people to see. I'll keep trying to fit new short stories here and there as well. Thanks to everyone for checking out my blog, deviantart and the follows on twitter. I appreciate it all and really enjoy comments and feedback. New art soon, promise!


Scott Godlewski said...

Right on, man. Looking forward to that HERO Initiative cover.

mattcrap said...

busy busy busy