Friday, June 12, 2009


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Here is a recent Colossus commission. As for this weekend's UFC 99, I don't really care about the main event, I guess I will go Silva because he got badly knocked out in his last fight, but it should be a good fight no matter what. I really want to see Cain Velasquez versus Cheick Congo (I'm buying the hype and picking Cain, a former ASU wrestler), and Ben "Killa B" Saunders against Mike "Quick" Swick. I'm all for Killa B on this one. His last fight he decimated some poor bastard with about 30 knees to the face. My other picks to win are Hardy, Fisher and Cro-Cop. I don't really care much for the undercard, except little Roli Delgado is going to get murdered. Poor guy.


charlieclark said...

very nice cody! i like this one alot!

Craig Zablo said...

Nice drawing, Ryan.

I'm going to post my picks later today or tomorrow. I agree with your thoughts about Cain!

RAWLS said...

Nice one bro!!

ryan cody said...

Thanks fellas, I appreciate it.