Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the hicky dude post

From the Arizona Republic, who I don't think are even smart enough to think for themselves, the "teaser" for an online article about an incident yesterday in Iraq. - "Two women blew themselves up in a classroom filled with students. No U.S. forces are among the dead." Well thank god for that, 27 innocent people are dead but at least none of "US" died. - bitches.

On a completely different tone, I was shooting pics of a car today for my annoying side job when I see a guy roll up in his black PT Cruiser, it has a big-ass Church sticker on the back promoting his personal choice of house of worship, and a license plate holder that said, "World's Greatest Husband and Father". Then the guy gets out and his neck is covered in hickeys. Now my thoughts on the matter are, no wife who puts that license plate holder on that car, gives her man a huge, fucking purple hickey. So he's probably cheating on her, going against one of the commandments that he's obviously sworn to uphold. Maybe he just uses the Church sticker to pick up girls. But what do I know, except that I would kill my wife before I let her defile my 87' Acura Integra with the previously mentioned license plate holder.

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