Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's Christmas Time................again.........

Last night I came about as close as I ever do to a nervous breakdown. I’m stressing over my Villains deadline. Whether Hurricane Kids will or will not get picked up, the kids are always demanding and loud, they can be very loud, our puppy is sick and lethargic and shitting everywhere so I may need to drop some money to take her to the vet today, and my Coyotes are on a 4-game losing streak. I composed myself, re-evaluated my situation and came to a simple solution; I need 2 things to make my life run smoothly. A maid for the house so I always have clean underwear, and an 11x17” printer so I can blueline print my thumbnails and cut valuable time off of penciling a page. Ideally I would get an 11x17 scanner too, but the printer is a must. There are some affordable ones on eBay, and even though I sell dozens of cars a month on eBay to other buyers, I’m personally scared to death of spending $130 on it. But I need to do that I think, for my sanity and the flow of my house to return to normal.

We did finally take the kids to a movie, I don’t think they have been to one since Madagascar, so we piled them in the van and went and saw Goblet of Fire on Sunday. I’ve admitted before that I am a Harry Potter fan and I love the characters, books and films. I can see where people who have not read the books might be a little confused by the films and especially this 4th movie. It moves very fast and skips a lot but I think they did the best they could based on the length of the book. I would have liked to have seen more of the Quidditch World Cup and less of the Dragon scene, but Dragons and Giant Apes sell, so I can see why they did that. Book 5, Order of The Phoenix is my favorite book by far, so I am eagerly awaiting that film, although I think the ending to the 4th movie did not set it up well at all, and almost seemed like they were trying to tie up the series. I know that “Phoenix” is in production so I’m not sweating it, but the more mature and “warlike” tone of the later books is fantastic for an older reader like myself and gives a natural progression to the ages and attitudes of these characters.

Finally, go check out GROUNDED from Image Comics, it’s a great mini-series that I have fully enjoyed and I have a pin-up in issue #4 as well.

- All I want for Christmas is a healthy puppy and a creative boost to increase my workload.

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