Thursday, July 17, 2008

Comic Creator Survey (I stole it)

Seen via Radiomaru, stolen from Jake.

PART ONE: COMICS PERSONALITY TYPE Name: Ryan Cody Age: 32 Sign: Capricorn

Introverted or extroverted?

Very introverted I would say, which makes networking and talking with other creators very difficult in an industry where that contact is easily 85% of getting work.

What are your top 5 procrastination tools?
Internet, TV/Movies, reading comics, my kids and my girlfriend.
What gets your juices flowing?
Excitement over a new project, or reading a really, really well done comic. Also, if I'm being honest, positive feedback from my peers or those I see as better than me in my field.
What kind of comics do you like to read? Mostly American superhero and crime comics. that's what I grew up on, that's what I still love today.
What kind of comics do you dislike?
Most manga, just because it's not for me, I never got into it. Also, I've never really gotten into alternative comics much either, just from lack of exposure to them or lack of effort into getting them.
When were you first introduced to comics?
Mid to late 80's. Right after the creative boom of 1986.
What were some of your first comics?

Spider-Man, X-Men and Excalibur. I absolutely loved Claremont and Davis' first 7-8 issues of Excalibur.
When did you first get "The spark"?
When Liefeld starting going absolutely apeshit on New Mutants. The energy and craziness he put in there was very infectious to a 12-year old boy. Couple that with Lee and Silvestri exploding and I knew what I wanted to do. Years later, Mike Oeming did they same thing to me to get me re-interested in comics.
What is your favorite animated movie?
Probably The Incredibles. The scene in the plane with Elastigirl and the kids is flat out one of the best, most tense scenes I have ever seen. Right up there with Will Smith yelling at Ben Vereene on Fresh Prince. I'm not joking either. I really enjoyed Akira and Steamboy as well.
What is your favorite anime series?
Dragonball. I still love the team, but not a team, mentality of that show, as well as the utter destruction these guys caused. Non anime would be the Bruce Timm/Glen Murakami Batman & JLU stuff.
What kind of comics do you make? I try not to limit myself to superhero stuff, although everything leans that way. I change my mind constantly, but never stray too far from my comfort zone. I want to make stuff that's accessible and fun, and maybe a bit political or something that expresses my views on environment and society, but without any type of preachiness.
When did you first start making comics?
When I was around 13.
What are your favorite comic artists right now?
Eric Canete, Mignola, Jeff Smith, Darwyn Cooke, Mike Oeming, Jim Lee, and a whole bunch of new guys like Toby Cypress and Kristian Donaldson. Anything that's exciting and doesn't look exactly like a photograph.
What are your main influences in comics?
Mike Mignola, Darwyn Cooke and Mike Oeming. Artistically? See above.
Who do you admire in comics?

See above, and anyone who has the balls to be a publisher in today's market, including self-publishers.

Also, some new artwork I found in a box from 2006, and an Elephant guy, an idea I stole from Ottley or Walker from Invincible.

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rory said...

Cool stuff. I will have a drink in honor of you in SD. Also, I didn't even know Blevins was from AZ!