Thursday, July 17, 2008

San Diego Comic-Con 2008

It's time for the annual geekgasm known as Comic-Con, and I for one, will NOT be going. I've gone the last 3 years and short of some amazing announcement happening in the next week or so, I'll be passing this year. I have nothing new to promote with Viper Comics or Villains, and I don't have a booth to sell copies of Hollow or commissions at. I don't really like the crowds, and the trip is financially a burden, with nothing new to show for it. Seeing other creators and networking is always a plus, but I don't think it outweighs the hassle. If you, dear reader, are going, let me point you towards a few people and places I was looking forward to seeing, for your amusement.

Steamcrow Press for the best books, atmosphere and monsters around.
Viper Comics (Publisher of my comic book Villains), wonderful group of creators.
Image Comics, all around great publisher of great books.
Khepri retail booth, get your graphic novels here, the best retailer of indy books out there.
ArtJumble/CAKE booth, pick up your copy of CAKE Vol1.
Pixu, looking to be the best book to be released @ SDCC.

And search out local AZ creators Jeff Mariotte, Bret Blevins, Tony Parker, Ben Glendinning and Johnnie Allan (Stykman). All great guys, all deserving of wider recognition. Sorry if I missed anyone, my brain is a little hard boiled right now.

If I did make it out to San Diego this year, it would probably just be for Friday and Saturday, I would really like to make it out to the drink and draw out there.


Daniel said...

Thanks for the mention, sir.

Sorry you won't be there, but I know you probably won't miss the crowds.

I too am getting a little comic crazy... I'm working on a webcomic myself.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

I'm skipping this year (for the first time in ages).. last year just felt too big..

Ungeheier said...

I think Comic Con may end up imploding on itself just like E3 did a while back.

I went to one a few years back, but like you said Ryan, the crowds just get to me.