Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sorry I have neglected the blog here. I have been working on finishing up my story for Image Comic's Popgun Vol.4 as well as working on some sketch cards, going back and forth with publishers on projectA and picking up something brand new with projectB, a graphic novel that will take me into 2010. The bad part is that all of these projects are early in development or stuff that I really can't post. Either way, I don't know what else I will have coming out this year other than the 11-page Popgun story and a 12-page Fata Obstant story in the fall issue of Mysterious AdventureMagazine. 2010 is looking to be a bit more promising though. I'll always try to squeeze in some pin-ups or sketches for the blog here and at the Sketchjam. Here is a sketch I did of Atomic Robo, it's a bit wonky, but there it is.

*Also, in reference to my last post, Lyoto Machida destroyed Rashad Evans. Can't wait to see him take on and beat Rampage.


RAWLS said...

haha, nice one! I'll have to get you to do a pin up for one of the issues of Agent Orange for sure! I didn't get a chance yet to see your volume 3 contribution, but I can't wait to see yer stuff in volume 4. I'm uploading mine today. Hooray!

ryan cody said...

Yeah, I may have to dig through the server and peek at your pages!