Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

Okay, so I thought I would just throw up a couple random thoughts on MMA, Star Trek and coloring comic pages. First off, I'm a big fan of MMA and the UFC, maybe it's just because that's what I'm most exposed too, but I wanted to talk about two upcoming fights real quick.

Machida Vs. Evans for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (UFC98). I am a big Machida fan, some people see him as boring but from the fights I have seen him in, he fights smart and picks his opponents apart and recently finished Thiago Silva with a vicious knockout. Evans has the heavy hands and better wrestling probably and the current luck that seems to shine on all of Greg's Jackson's guys, but I'm picking Machida here. I think he will implement a better strategy and win by decision and I think he will have the better cardio in the later rounds.

Penn Vs. Florian for the UFC Lightweight Championship (UFC101). I have always been a big BJ Penn fan, even though he rubs some the wrong way and has a bad attitude. His jiu-jitsu is on another level for MMA (he and Demian Maia have the best jiu-jitsu for MMA in my opinion) and he is the most flexible fighter I have ever seen. When his heart is in it, he is an elite level champion. That said, he got HOUSED by GSP in his last fight, but for whatever reason he did not seem to be in the best shape for that fight and he was fighting in a higher weight class as well. I think BJ is still the best lightweight in the world. While I do like Kenny Florian, I think he may be in the same boat as Rich Franklin and be the second best in his weight class. I'd like to see Kenny fight Diego Sanchez again and Sean Sherk again, but I think BJ will win this scrap in a close, tough fight. Kenny has better muay thai, but I think BJ's elite jiu-jitsu puts him over the top along with better boxing and better wrestling. I only hope this doesn't go to the 4th or 5th round where BJ may gas and get overwhelmed by Florian.

Also, last night I saw Star Trek, so if you haven't seen it, stop reading here and jump over to the SKETCHJAM where I just posted a new page. SPOILERS AHEAD!

I knew I was going to like this movie going in. I really enjoyed MI:3, and the trailer and casting looked outstanding. This movie was fun, exciting and hit all the right notes. I love sci-fi when it's done right and this is at the top of that list. One concern I had going in, and one I voiced to my girlfriend was how were they going to create suspense when we already knew the future of these characters. They answered that question perfectly with a timeline, alternate reality/future aspect. They reset the franchise, with new excitement, fresh blood and vigor, but kept the characters that everyone loved in the process. This is how to reboot a franchise properly and effectively. The casting was perfect, Karl Urban hamming it up was brilliant and Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine may have been born to play these roles. Eric Bana was fantastic as well. I cannot wait for the next two sequels, and hopefully more after that.


Craig Zablo said...

I think you're right on target with your MMA picks. Seems that everyone always picks Evans to lose [myself included], but he always finds a way to win. Will he again?

Gary Fitzgerald said...

and kenflo all the way man.. he'll cut BJ open with an elbow, stopped in the 2nd..

mick statham said...

Trek was a really good ,ovie, probably the best thing I've seen since Iron Man (but then I have no taste). The casting was spot on. can't wait for the next.