Friday, May 08, 2009

Support Indy Retailers!

My pal Brian @ now has my comic FATA OBSTANT up for sale. Khepri is unique in that it is an online retailer that deals mostly in indie books and he is a great champion of the little guy. He has always supported me, even buying books off of me for his personal collection. So for all your toy and graphic novel needs, hop on over and support him. Pay it forward people. See all of his news here - and order my books from him. Anyone who orders two or more of any of my stuff from Brian, let me know and I'll send a quick sketch your way.

Fata Obstant
Hurricane Kids

** Also, be sure to be checking out the Sketchjam!, it's been pretty active lately.


Scott Godlewski said...

Right on. Are they gonna carry Hurricane Kids, too?

ryan cody said...

Yeah, he carries both of my self-published books.