Thursday, July 09, 2009

UFC 100 picks.

Let me start off by saying that I am not that excited about UFC 100. I think the card should have at least one more title fight on it. I guess I can blame BJ Penn for taking too long between fights, but I would like to have seen the BJ/Florian fight added to the card.

Lesnar/Mir - I care least about the Heavyweights than any other division, whether UFC or not, and both of these guys come off as dicks in the media and that doesn't help. I know Mir beat Brock once, but I think Brock has learned enough submission defense in the last year to last long enough to land 1 or 2 big punches to Franks dome. I could probably outbox an 8-year-old, but I wouldn't want to fight one that had cinder blocks for fists. I pick Lesnar by 2nd round KO.

GSP/Alves - I don't buy all the hype about GSP. He's beaten an older Hughes (so has Alves), been beaten by Serra, and he's beaten Koschek (so has Alves) who I haven't been 100% impressed by. His win against Fitch was great though. His win against BJ was dominating, but he beat up a lightweight and BJ should have never wanted that fight. I know Alves lost to Fitch, but that was 3 years ago. GSP is great, and many rank him as a top pound for pound guy, but I'm picking Alves in this one. He's just a beast who will probably be able to outmuscle GSP and keep the fight standing. I see this as sort of a Mike Brown/Uriah Faber fight where Faber/GSP may be more well rounded but Brown/Alves are just monsters in their weight classes.

Henderson/Bisbing - I don't see either of these guys beating Maia, Marquart or Anderson Silva, so I think this fight will have no serious repurcussions. Yeah they think they will get a title shot if they win, but they have to get in line behind those other two if you ask me, and with Wanderlei moving down, the title picture gets even murkier. I'll pick Bisbing in an upset though.
Note: I don't see Wanderlei beating any of those top two or 3 guys either.

Fitch/Thiago - Fitch wins by crazy beard.
Akiyama/Belcher - I don't really know much about either guy.
Bonnar/Coleman - Bonnar wins by not being old.


rory said...

Those top 3 picks are all sound. I will, however, be rooting against all three of your picks. I personally feel that Lesnar never earned his shot for the title and his wins are solely based on the fact he's a genetic freak.

I like GSP. Nothing against Alves, but still could not believe how HUGE he was compared to Hughs.

As for Bisbing, I'm still mad he won the decision against Hamill so long ago. So he's got a loss coming in my book. And that's my totally idiotic based on stupid stuff picks...:)

ryan cody said...

I do not like either guy, I'm just picking Brock because of size and strength. Both come off as assholes. Bisbing has gotten some close decisions for him, but also had the Rashad one go against him many think. I'll be watching them at a bar out your way on Saturday, if you're interested.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

mir plays the asshole well but I think it quite a good guy... plus i agree with rory that lesnar's only skill is that he's good with steroids..
mir to submit lesnar

gsp is still the best all rounder, and he's as fit as a butcher's dog..
gsp decision

I like bisping and he trains at the gym in my home town.. but i don't think he's in the top echelon of fighters, unfortuantely..
henderson decision

and I always want bonnar to win cos I still think he won the first fight with griffin from the first ult fighter finale.. (although I admit that griffin has gone on to be the better/more consistent fighter)

Craig Zablo said...

Excellent picks... although we don't agree on all of them. Still, I see your logic in your choices. I plan to post my picks later today.

ryan cody said...

Gary - I'm not buying into the new Mir hype, Nog looked terrible at their fight. I just think Lesnar will bulldog him and hammerfist the shit out of his chin pubes. I wish they could just go ahead and have the winner (whoever it is), fight Cain Velasquez or some new blood. I cannot stand the heavyweight division. All the fights are tough to call and I could see any of the main 3 events going either way honestly. I'm always surprised Bonnar is still in the UFC, he has not fought anyone substantial other than losses to Forrest and Rashad with his biggest win being against Keith Jardine. Forrest has gone on to wars with Rampage, Shogun, Rashad, Tito (when that meant something) and now he's getting the Spider next month. I agree, as a prospect, Bonnar can't touch Forrest.

Craig - I look forward to seeing your picks.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

ah well... there's always florian to beat penn ;-)

ryan cody said...

Yeah, 2 for 5. I suck at this stuff.