Monday, July 20, 2009

No no San Diego

For the second year in a row, I am not going to San Diego Comic-Con. I plan on going next year to promote my Popgun anthology work for Image Comics as well as the graphic novel I am working on for Outlaw Entertainment. I hope those of you that are going have a blast, I just cannot handle the crowds and the expense. Next year though. One thing I do miss during the week of the con is the lack of interactivity on the web. There are plenty of announcements that happen, but I'm talking about the lack of updates on blogs, twitter, deviantart, etc. It gets pretty quiet around here for about a week.

Next con for me is most likely Long Beach Comic-Con in October, then in 2010 I'll have Emerald City, Phoenix and San Diego. Please feel free to check out some of my publishers and friends while you are there;
Viper Comics - Table 1903 (Pick up a copy of Villains!) , Outlaw Entertainment - Table 1802, - Booth 936 (ask about Fata Obstant & The Hurricane Kids!), Image Comics/Popgun Anthology - Table 2729 (Pick up a copy of Popgun Vol.3!)


Craig Zablo said...

I've never been to SDCC and this year is no exception. So keep postin' and twittering... there are still folks out here!

rory said...

Yeah...not going either. I'll miss the weather the most...