Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The month of love.

I have been having a blast so far on issue #2 of ICARUS. The script came out great and I'm about 80% happy with the pages so far, and for me that is a pretty big deal. I am also coming into accepting my work on the webcomic as well. We're almost to the halfway point on JCTNG V2: The Long Year and I'm finally able to just relax about it and draw some comics. The webcomic is my main focus right now, it has to be since it pays the majority of my bills, but I will continue to chop away on ICARUS #2. I hope to wrap that up around mid-March. If I can keep Icarus on a bi-monthly release schedule I will be happy. So February's goal is pretty straightforward; 30 pages of fully finished, print ready, comic pages. I'm excited for the challenge.

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