Thursday, February 17, 2011

My process.

Kind of a step-by-step of how I create a page. Thrilling isn't it.


Jay said...

Hi Ryan - your process surprised me, as it seems overly complex. What do you see the value being in sketching in the digital environment and then printing out that, only to redraw again and to have to edit out the excess lines? Seems like you could just sketch on the board directly or on a sheet of paper and then to lightbox it to inks in less time. Just curious - thanks.

Ryan Cody said...

Well the layout phase is important so I can get a good sense of how the whole page will flow. Most artist do layouts either in thumbnail form or directly on the board before pencilling. Working digitally lets me rotate the shot, enlarge it or shorten it and generally play with the layout with out any redrawing or erasing. I often do go straight to inks after I print it out but if I need to tighten up a drawing, it's pretty quick and only takes a couple minutes. I am one of the fastest guys I know and usually go from blank screen to finished b/w image in a few hours.